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The Secret Ingredient is Love


Loretta Calhoun grew up in the kitchen. The latest in a long line of strong, talented, giving women, she learned everything from her mother, grandmother and aunts, using her large family as an everyday proving ground. She loved trying new recipes and adding her own personal touches. But more than that, she loved how baking was another way to show how much she cared. It wasn’t long before Loretta’s baked goods were at the center of every family, friend or work-related event (she cared a lot).


Loretta’s pies quickly rose to the top of her most-requested desserts list. From peach to pecan to cherry cream, her pies consistently earned rave reviews, while Loretta was hearing more and more encouragement to turn her baking into a business. Even Mel Blount, former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback and member of the NFL Hall of Fame, is a fan. “Loretta, you need to sell your pies!” he once said through a mouth full of sweet potato pie.


It wasn’t until May of 2015, though – when Loretta was looking for ways to earn extra money to help out a family member – that she decided to see where her pies could take her. Forming Uptown Pies, she set out on a mission to find local restaurants to sell her pies.

With just her first restaurant customer, Uptown Pies took off. Today, Loretta’s pies are spreading joy – and love – in dining rooms, party rooms and kitchens all across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


Her mother, grandmother and aunts would be proud.

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Sweet Fans



"I had the sweet potato pie and I have say it y'all, Patti pie who?!? This pie was absolutely amazing! It was a good portion size, delicious pie filling, and perfectly light and buttery crust. This is a must try people!"



"The pecan pie is DELICIOUS!! Traditional pie but with a luxuriously toasted flavor!"



"I am not even a pie person but once I ate that Sweet Potato pie, I fell in love!!!"

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